carpenter beeIf anyone knows what it is like to have a pest infestation it is me. From carpenter bugs to creepy crawlers I have to make sure I find natural ways of getting rid of the problem considering I have pets and kids. I won’t even use a mouse trap or sticky tape because of the pets. If it happens to you, you might get in contact with pest control specialist at http://www.beesnthings.com/.

The first time I noticed our first infestation, it happen to be one of the worst. Carpenter bees had filled up a whole inside of a wall with their hive and we had not found it until my son was continuously being stung. Being new with an issue like this, I figure he best way to handle this issue was to call a local beekeeper who ended up tearing the wall off to remove the 4 foot long honeycomb.

After that I needed to educate myself and prepare for next time-if there was a next time. A few years later we moved into the home we are in now. For the last two years, we have had several bug problems that had just been out of control.

First, our carpenter ant “roomies” like to come out of the woodworks- from the tub and toilet seals to the tiniest crack in the ceiling or wall. So I decided to start saving all of my used coffee grinds which I use to sprinkle on the trail and redirect them somewhere else. This works best outside around the perimeter of the home or even at the door ways outside the home.

When sprinkling in the home, I spray simple green on the attacking ants first in order to kill the indoor problem attacking the pet food. I may need to replace the food but I don’t worry about my pets getting sick because simple green is all natural and so are those coffee grinds. Plus, your house will smell so good afterwards.

carpenter beeWe also have an earwig infestation so bad that when we trimmed the dead off our trees, they poured out like candy from a piñata. Yeah I know gross! That was when we decided to buy chickens and ducks which help eat all the bugs including the ants.

Peppermint, spearmint and pennyroyal naturally deter ants (and aphids) away from the home. Venus fly traps and other meat eating plants are a good idea for homes where they won’t be disturbed. With these perfectly green options available, maybe you start by planting some of these plants around the perimeter. While you’re at it, sprinkle some cayenne pepper or iron phosphate around the parameter. Ants are known to avoid these two products the way they do with coffee grinds.