My Sixth Shadow is a music blog that I started in 2007 to bring together my work as a musician and my love for writing about music. At that time, I’d been trying to find an outlet for the latter in some way, shape, or form; perhaps not surprisingly, there aren’t many opportunities in the metal world for someone with a degree in creative writing. I’d been publishing a couple of blogs in the years previous, one on music and games, another purely about films.

My Sixth Shadow is all that stuff rolled into one. Although there’s no doubt that my musical tastes play a huge part in what I write about, it’s not intended as a review site. Instead, the focus is on my thoughts and opinions of music, films, or games about something, rather than just being entertainment for their own sake.

My primary goal with this blog is to establish myself as a writer. I’d like to earn a living from writing, which means building up my reputation as someone who can write interesting things about the arts in general (not just metal).

I’m always looking for new writers; anyone interested in film, music, or games is welcome to contact me.

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Welcome to My Sixth Shadow, a music blog focusing on rock, metal, and related sub-genres. I am here to give my honest opinions about albums that I enjoy. If you're interested in getting your album reviewed or simply want to say hello, feel free to email me!

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