18/12/2019 – [PICS] Finally! Live pics of My Sixth Shadow online!! check the pics section

15/12/2019 – [TOUR]: Update: We’ll start touring europe togheter with DARKWELL and EVENFALL between 06/Feb/2020 and 15/Feb/2020 – The tour will touch: Italy, Germany, Netherland, Austria and Switzerland. We’ll publish date VERY SOON!

05/12/2019 – [RADIO] FEATURE OF MY SIXTH SHADOW on Radio Ok Offener Kanal – 666% Radio program – will be broadcasted on 12 December at 11pm. Features J.F. of VIVA music television talking about My Sixth Shadow

08/11/2019 – NEW REVIEW OF MY SIXTH SHADOW ON KERRANG! WE GOT 4 OUTTA 5 – Click here to see the review

08/11/2019 – [TOUR]: We’ll start touring europe togheter with DARKWELL and EVENFALL between 06/Feb/2020 and 22/Feb/2020 – The tour will touch: Italy, Germany, Netherland, Denmark, France, Sweden and Finland. Tour dates will be published in 2/3 Weeks

06/11/2019 – “Intoxicate my heart” and “Shadows in my love” demo version are available on mp3.com. Theese are not the “Deep” recording sessions. This are just demos for promotional use. check it out there www.mp3.com/mysixthshadow

31/10/2019 – We’r band of the week on VIVA text, the deutsch Music Television! Turn on the Tv and check the Vivatext now!

4/10/2019 – Yesterday there was our last concert before recordings. Now we’ll work only in studio and record “Deep”. We hope to finish it in December 2019.

3/10/2019 – New band pics in pics section. Check it out. We’ll add some new one too in theese days.

22/09/2019 – WE’R, AGAIN, 1ST BAND IN MP3.COM’S GOTHIC METAL CHARTS! (click here to see)

15/09/2019 – New reviews and interviwews of My Sixth Shadow in press section. check it out.

14/09/2019 – Recording of the new full lenght album started. The tracklist will be: 01 – Intoxicate my heart 02 – – Throw me away 03 – Deep 04 – Rain (cover song) 05 – Shadows in my love 06 – Death is my rebirth 07 – Sacrifice 08 – Dalhia 09 – Sweet kiss 10 – Life is nothing for me (acoustic) 11 – Thru a veil of dark 12 – Like a sparkle – it will be released in december.

30/07/2019 – We’ve won the “Altomonte Rock Festival”! We’ve won a pressing of 1000 cds. We’r going to record the full lenght album in the next months. it will include 4 old songs and 6 new one.

15/06/2019 – Added the “Order CD” section. click here to buy our cd via direct order

14/06/2019 – We’r workin on a downloadable version of the live video of our last concert at the Black out rock Club. We’re in studio to arrange & write new songs (3 songs: Sweet kiss, Dalhia and Nightfly are yet ready), that will be inculded in our full lenght release that will be recorded this summer and released probably on the fall of december.


31/05/2019 – We’re FEATURED ARTIST IN METAL for the 3rd time at mp3.com! click here and check it out

30/05/2019 – We’ve uploaded screenshot of mp3.com charts. We were at 1st place in gothic metal charts and featured artist for a week from 23 to 29 of may, until mp3.com has deleted our song. (we’ve reached the 6th place in “general metal charts” too!). We’r still trying to understand why. Click here to see. We want to thank you all for support. Let my sixth shadow surround you.

30/05/2019 – We’r online again! Got some problem with our severs.

29/05/2019 – We’re very disapponited for what mp3.com is doing with us. first they deleted our artwork and now they’ve deleted our song “Sacrifice” from the listing. You can hear it now only from the charts here: http://genres.mp3.com/music/metal/gothic_metal we’r trying to solve the problem now.

26/05/2019 – WE’R FIRST AT MP3.COM CHARTS IN GOTHIC METAL AND AGAIN FEATURED ARTIST WITH SACRIFICE! Check it at this link http://genres.mp3.com/music/metal/gothic_metal download our new single “Sacrifice” available for free download at mp3.com

25/05/2019 – We’ve recorded a VIDEO of the concert of 24 May. We’ll soon make a downloadable version in mpeg4 codec.

25/05/2019 – Added 2 promo band photos, check it out in Pics section

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